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She Who Rises is a journey framed with four important destinations: Essence, Explore, Eliminate, and Expand. Together they capture the honest and transparent experiences of a Leader, Coach, Pastor, Mother and Wife. What sets this book apart is the depth of authenticity and personal soul searching that are contained in these pages.

In the author’s own words this book, “unleashes you to become the woman you are created to be— powerful, visionary, and joyful. Though written through the eyes of this insightful woman, the principles and strategies contained in this book are universal. The questions at the end of each chapter make this resource a living document that you will return to time and time again for strength and wisdom.

This resource leads us through an incredible journey of fatigue, faith and favor that accompanies the fast pace of a driven pursuit of life and lands us in newly discovered renewal and refocusing. Lia claims the steps of her journey in ways that are instructive and life-giving.  Her perspectives for working through things are so real that they pounce on the reader with a, “Why didn’t I think of that? - Rev. Dr. Rodney Thomas Smothers, Leadership Coach
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With She Who Rises, Lia gifts us with a passionate, powerful, and personal testimony to the abundant life that we can all live - if we will only redefine the rules. Lia provides a realigning wake up call and a roadmap that leads from exhaustion to empowerment. Grab your BFFs and embark upon the She Who Rises journey together as you discover the "Warrior Chick" within! 
- Rev. Jasmine R. Smothers, Co-Author, Not Safe For Church: Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations 
meet the woman behind the book
Lia McIntosh
Lia McIntosh is a coach, speaker, writer, and community advocate. She is an ordained United Methodist elder and specializes in urban ministry and leading churches to deeply connect with their communities. Lia has served as a community organizer and pastor of four churches. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business and Saint Paul School of Theology with a Masters of Divinity. She is a wife and mom of three amazing children. 

Above all, Lia is a warrior chick, who’s purpose is to inspire others to rise boldly and live their best life. Thousands of readers like you get weekly inspiration from Lia via email and social media. 

To subscribe to her free e-newsletter or learn more about upcoming events, classes, and coaching, visit or on Facebook at Coach Lia McIntosh.

Here is what awesome people think about the book!

The title alone, She Who Rises, would pique the interest of most women who are silently crying out of despair, not living the life God has for them. The author’s transparency into her own struggles of insecurities, fears, and pains of becoming a mother and living authentically, while the world viewed her as successful, invites the readers to get real with their own struggles. This inspiring book was skillfully written in how it’s primary focus is to help women walk in their calling, but also part devotional and part autobiography. It’s eloquently expressed, complete with tools and exercises, biblical perspective, and resources to help in living your authentic life. No longer ignore that voice inside of you begging the question, “Is there more?” Your Warrior Chick is calling!  

Carlotta Berry, Poet

With this book Lia seeks to motivate the reader to find their true passion in life. She uses her life experiences to illustrate how to overcome difficult times and move forward. This book is the result of an ordinary woman who is a nice person and who “gets it.” Read this true life story, follow the coaching suggestions, and all will be better persons. Enjoy.  

Louis Virdure, Coach, Professor, Attorney (retired) and Lia's Dad

On a Wednesday night, during prayer, Lia Mcintosh and I entered into a divine space of healing.  Her prayer life displayed a direct connection to God. She was determined to intercede on the behalf of the broken, lost, and confused. Lia and I developed a friendship that was orchestrated by God. I have had the privilege to be apart of watching Lia's growth over the years as she served as my pastor and mentor. This book describes the woman who rises from within despite her circumstances. Use Lia's coaching techniques and her truth to unleash the warrior chick inside of you. The time is now. Let’s rise!  

Rochinda Pickens, Author, From Being Kept to Being Kept
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
Here are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • ESSENCE: What's the core mindset of one who rises? 
  • EXPLORE: How to cultivate a life that rises? 
  • ELIMINATE: How to discern and cut out limiting beliefs?  
  • EXPAND: How to practice the risen life? 
Cover. Notice the subtitle "Unleashing the Warrior Chick Within."  That's you!
Page 126. Your true values reveal the secret to who you really are.  
Introduction. On this page, you're invited to a further journey, an invitation from your soul, to be empowered and to increase your happiness.
Page 120. This page summarizes 10 powerful exercises to expand your life! 
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